2015: New Job? New love? 5 tips on how to ‘Be bold, bad & find it all’

Claire Cater, 27 January, 2015

So here we are again. New leaves are being turned, resolutions are being made and you can almost smell the sense of ‘OMG, another year gone….best get on with it’.

But what is it’? For the purposes of this blog, let’s assume ‘it’ refers to those secret thoughts and big ideas that come to you in the shower or as you’re dropping off to sleep at night (other than Idris Elba if you’re me – you get my drift).

We all have these thoughts, and at some point – often around the turn of the year – we realise that the clock is ticking and time is running out. We start to panic and think it’s down to us to make it happen, change our life, change our world or even change ‘the’ world.

And that’s where it tends to grind to a juddering halt. Because actually, it’s not just down to you. It’s down to you and the people you know and could know. And, frankly, there is no blinking excuse not to know them – in today’s joined-up world it’s possible to connect pretty much with anyone.

Be bold and bad is my advice. And go in search of love and passion.

Here are five common ‘don’ts’ that I believe should be turned on their head if you’re serious about the search for ‘it’.

Tip 1 – Do mix business and pleasure

I’m an 80’s girl who was told very clearly – at around the same time as ‘the bigger the shoulder pads the more seriously people will take you’ – that mixing business and pleasure was a no-no. In fact, mixing business and pleasure (with a purpose) has resulted in my greatest achievements.

The truth is, you have to enjoy what you do and others need to enjoy what you do with, and for, them too. No matter how fabulous the idea or the effort, without real purpose and no pleasure it’s just pain and no gain…and no one wants more of that.

The same principles apply at home too (I’m no expert but have some reflections). Mix life with planning, pleasure and purpose for everyone you love….and who knows what dreams you might realise.

Tip 2 – Do be a capitalist & focus on reward

Got your attention?  Well when I say capitalist, I mean ‘good capitalist’, which in summary means that you make profit (money and benefit) but you also ensure that what you do benefits society and people. That way, everyone wins.

There’s no shame in wanting to make money and you’re more likely to keep making it if what you do is needed, wanted and really creates benefit rather than damage.

It’s the kind of profit that makes you sustainable. Doing good works without profit threatens your future and, therefore, the benefit you create.

Tip 3 – Do compromise

After a glass or two or over a coffee, how often do we tell our friends and colleagues ‘not to compromise’ or ‘stand your ground’?

Well ok, sometimes that’s right. But today’s connected world is about partnership and most of us (even large corporations) are unlikely to have all the skills and contacts they need. So compromise comes in many forms. True partnership embraces compromise and shares opportunity.

Listen to what others want and believe in order to create change. Be prepared to modify your view and feel what it’s like to walk in other’s shoes.

Tip – Do fall in love & look for passion

In business, as in life, love is the answer and so is chemistry.

You should fall in love with what you are doing and the people you work with. Think about the meaning and the impact of ‘love’ and what it means beyond romance. It encompasses optimism, trust, happiness, passion….the fun you have, how nice it is to see people, how you can share your ideas and look for support. We all know the difference when the chemistry is good – on a date or in the boardroom.

If there is no excitement, and you don’t love what you do or who you’re doing it with, then change it or change you (you can’t change people).

Don’t underinvest in ‘love’ in all forms.  We all know the power of it when we have it and the gap when we don’t.  So head up, not down, and focus on love, chemistry, passion and a little bit of lust. Get your blood pumping.

Tip 5 – Do rock the boat

This one is short. In times when the economy is under pressure and there’s uncertainty everywhere it’s tempting to listen to the ‘head down and hang on brigade’. Ignore them. Listen to you.

Never settle for less – unless you absolutely have to.  We don’t and it has served us and our clients well. Despite the undoubted challenges, we see opportunity everywhere.

I’d like to think that the SK family is ‘in love’, happy to compromise and work with other raving good capitalists with a point to everything we do. We most certainly want to mix business and pleasure and focus on ‘doing’ not just dreaming.

Looking for love? We are. Maybe you should call us.