3D: A Change Enabler

Helping you and everyone involved deliver successful change together.

Focusing on the ‘human factors’

There are many elements to successful change and people often focus on infrastructure (e.g. technology, procedures, organisational structure), rather than the people involved in making the change happen and succeed.

3D will help you, and everyone involved, deliver successful change together. It’s a 3-stage framework, with 3D mapping tool and built in support, designed with, and for, leaders and staff.

3D redresses the balance by looking at what matters to people as humans within a system.

The result:

Shared clarity of purpose and vision, with a collective plan of action and connected people, places, skills, cultures and priorities.

Invest in your biggest asset, your people, and they will be enabled to deliver.

3D is designed and tested with staff and leaders in the most complex and diverse system in the world: the NHS and care sector.



Traditional tools are, in our view, missing the biggest need and opportunity - to look across boundaries, establish an open, honest and holistic view, empower those involved and build relationships and collective understanding of, and between, each other.