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3D: A Change Enabler

Focusing on the ‘human factors’

There are many elements to successful change and people often focus on infrastructure (e.g. technology, procedures, organisational structure), rather than the people involved in making the change happen and succeed.

If you want people to put their energy in to making change possible, they need to:

  • Feel ready, happy and clear about their role
  • Understand and believe in the benefits and vision
  • Believe everyone else is ready and able too
  • Be excited and motivated enough by the potential that they would encourage others to get involved.

3D gives you shared clarity of purpose and vision, together with a collective plan of action for success.

3D for successful human change

It’s people that make change possible. Individuals, team and organisations working together with shared purpose and the ‘human factors’ in place. Belief and support, knowledge, culture, relationships and networks, and resources and skills.

3D will help you see how aligned, and ready, you, your people and partners are to deliver and make a plan to help you get there.

Traditional tools are, in our view, missing the biggest need and opportunity - to look across boundaries, establish an open, honest and holistic view, empower those involved and build relationships and collective understanding of, and between, each other.