Esme Floyd Hall

Author and journalist Esme brings a special kind of creative writing flair to the SK Sounding Board.

With her unique history – melding journalism, science, fiction, TV, non-fiction and corporate writing – Esme specialises in bringing fact to life through fiction, and developing new and innovative ways to inject energy into messages through storytelling.

With a background in both science and the arts, Esme always brings an innovative approach to projects. Recent work with SK includes a major research study identifying and exploring the gaps between people’s expectations of healthcare and what different systems deliver internationally and working with Moorfields’ Research and Development team to help focus their future.

In recent years Esme – whose past journalism/documentary credits include The Sunday Times, the BBC and National Geographic – has worked as a technical copywriter for management consultancies, producing a range of client insight material, trends analysis, and produced and delivered interview, writing and presentation training for multinational corporate clients. She has also published a total of 11 non-fiction books, including the bestselling 1001 Miracles series for Carlton Books.

Esme is writing a novel in her spare time and – because all writers must also be readers – crams every spare second with reading anything and everything she can get her eyes on. Her motto is every day, in every way, a little better, but only after she’s had her first coffee.