Vanessa Bolosier

Vanessa is a producer, service designer and facilitator with a unique blend of skills in programme management and human-centred design.

She has experience across a broad range of sectors, including health and care, fashion, publishing, telecoms and finance to name a few. She’s worked on an extensive range of projects, helping public and private sector organisations harness the power of co-creation for growth.

Her background in social work, content marketing as well as her entrepreneurial experiences give her the ability to simplify complex challenges making her an invaluable asset to any project or organisation.

She cares deeply about the social impact of her work, and endeavours to deliver programmes that benefit organisations, both inside and out. Central to her approach is an appreciation and advocacy of the need to put people at the heart of everything, build ownership and work alongside people at all levels, inspiring and empowering them to drive results from within.

With SK, Vanessa has been essential in implementing the engagement strategy for both the creation of the new Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch and the system-wide Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby programme.

Vanessa has designed and facilitated numerous workshops and training programmes for charities. The ones she’s the most proud of are those that helped creating FGM community advocates in Lambeth and that supported domestic abuse victims in regaining self-confidence through craft, art, fashion and beauty in Parisian suburbs.

This is alongside a keen interest in entrepreneurship and Vanessa regularly supports charities and social enterprises in need of help in that subject matter through workshops design, facilitation and mentoring.

She also has a passion for food. Her critically acclaimed cookbook, Creole Kitchen, was published by Pavilion in June 2015 and has been featured in the Guardian, Evening Standard, Telegraph, Huffington Post, Metro, Sunday Times and many more. She’s now published in three languages and five different countries.