It’s people that shape growth and change

Claire Cater, 28 April, 2016

As we recently welcomed Jeremy and Anna to the SK team, I started to reflect on how the company has grown over the last five years and where we will go to next.

During the interview process, we were asked about where we thought our growth would take us and the answer is that we know where we want to go but are open about how we get there. The exciting thing about SK is that I know that the next phase will be genuinely determined by the people who make up our fabulous team as well as the new people joining us.

How do I know this? Because I’ve seen it over the last 4 and a half years. I’ve seen our organisation look at the strengths and passions of the people that form it, and work with those strengths and passions to define vision, roles, processes and ultimately growth. I’ve seen those people contribute to and come up with the great ideas that mean we are now working in our sweet spot and enabling people to co-create change every day.


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Sit this alongside the hot topic of artificial intelligence and the staggering amount organisations spend on things like IT and accommodation reviews when compared to investing in their people, and it becomes clear that the balance is out of kilter. IT and a building won’t drive change, they are just enablers. However big or small your organisation is, it is the people who will make the difference.

What’s great is that we genuinely practise what we preach – we invest in our people and use their experiences and know-how to shape our future. They are central to our growth and have the answers to what needs to change.


Henrietta is Chief Operating Officer at The Social Kinetic, to see more of her and the team’s writing check out our company blog.  

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