Kinetic Results: 

100 day challenges, powered by insight, to bring people together to innovate, experiment, collaborate and deliver solutions to critical social problems, with remarkable results.

Most health and related systems do not have an adequate culture of cross-organisational collaboration, or the mechanisms for effective coordination and execution. This applies equally to public private partnerships.

In spite of good intentions, strategies, solutions and massive infusions of programmatic resources rarely translate into the ultimate vision or the impact that leaders and teams would like to see.

We use powerful insight and data to inform the challenges, solutions and focus, and through our partnership with the Rapid Results Institute, help teams design100 day challenges. Through feeling engaged and motivated, multi-stakeholder teams commit to, and relentlessly pursue seemingly impossible goals in 100 days.

The challenges nudge the teams to operate at high performance levels. They provide a  mechanism for getting things done and for experiencing and building a culture of collaboration, innovation and execution.

They empower by transferring capability to local actors to ensure sustainability and scale.