Life at The Social Kinetic

Oscar Cunnington, 8 January, 2016


By Victoria Kavanagh

Something I’ve learnt about life at SK is that no two days are the same. From interviewing dedicated frontline nurses and doctors, to meeting the NHS’ brightest rising stars, to opera breakfasts and feeding the homeless, you couldn’t find another agency as small that dreams so big.

But SK don’t just dream, we deliver. It’s exciting to work for a company that brought the vision to life for NHS Change Day, the biggest health and social care movement in the world, but that is also happy doing something as small as planting trees for a local charity. Working at SK, it’s about giving something back any way we can.


Victoria (right) at Patient First Conference 2015

It’s also about having fun, and making sure that everyone here feels they are doing something meaningful – and enjoyable! Starting the day with coffee and croissants helps of course, but the driving force behind SK is that we are one, growing, happy family. Everyone is encouraged to participate in debate and discussion, to challenge and to learn, and to bring a fresh way of thinking to the table.


A less successful project – assembling the office whiteboard

This ethos resonates with me particularly as I started SK on a 6 week internship and now I’m managing my own account! I came to SK with limited experience in an agency setting but this didn’t stop me being thrown in at the deep end. Before I knew it I was meeting with senior civil servants in Whitehall and working on an engagement piece for the new Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch.

Working for SK is more than a job; it is an opportunity to grow, to learn, and to make a difference in many ways, big and small. It is also an opportunity to be part of something unique; a growing SME supported by a fantastic board of experts, but with a heart!