SK’s methodology of combining insight and understanding to co-produce successful strategies, products, services and plans, engaging people, adding value and creating impact.

We get under the skin of the issues that matter to you.

We look at your landscape, the people, systems, data, politics, cultural and practical needs, together with the opportunities and challenges you are facing.

As a result, we build real understanding and empathy for the issues shaping your world.

This helps us define where you should focus and the key questions you should find answers to.

We use our creative tools to bring together the people who matter and help you re-imagine, develop and ideate what the solutions and options could be.

Our smart and creative approach is designed to unlock the potential that lies within individuals, organisations and communities, and create an impact beyond your expectations.


  • Build collaboration and partnership and co-produce the impact you need
  • Develop strategies, services and products which are needed, wanted and have buy-in from your stakeholders
  • Help you differentiate and add value

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Working with The Social Kinetic completely changed the way we think about engagement. We discovered potential we didn't realise we had, reduced the risks associated with some highly contentious issues and found answers to problems we thought were unsolvable.