We help you succeed because we do things differently. We use design thinking to engage meaningfully.

With understanding

Because understanding first is everything. We get under the skin of your world, the issues, the potential, the people and places, the cultural, political and social dynamics as well as the stats and the facts. We join the dots so we can see the full picture.


With an open mind, diverse teams, creative tools and methodologies. Creativity unlocks greater potential. It enables us to engage, design and co-create with ambition and vision.

With people

Because they make things possible. Without people on your side, you can achieve very little. That’s why we put people front and centre. We do everything with them and for them. From building understanding to designing the solutions.


Because the projects we work on matter. From big global ambitions to local change, we consider what we do and the bigger potential with care, ambition and consideration of the people, organisations and communities involved.

Sector and technical experts, creatives, disrupters and innovators


One of our key differences is the unique mix of skills we bring and our fabulous SK Sounding Board. Everything we do is based on great people. People who believe in our values and love what they do.

We think joined up, so our team is diverse. That’s how you get the richest thinking and the biggest impact. We bring together the very best experts in:

  • Design thinking, change and engagement
  • Leadership and policy
  • Digital and technology
  • Research, anthropology and social science
  • Communications, writing and branding
  • Behaviour change
  • Filmmaking, photography and art.

Fresh perspectives

Every project has its own SK Sounding Board. Their role is to support, challenge, stimulate, advise and disrupt – to make sure we are always a step ahead on your behalf.

They are national and international sector experts in everything from health to education, the public and private sector, technology and the arts. They are innovators, academics, journalists and artists.

Working with us means you work with them and get to join our lively network too.

The SK Sounding Board: to support, challenge, stimulate, advise and disrupt

Our immersive approach: because when we say we get under your skin, we really do


We listen, look, visit, investigate, film, photograph, and consult. Sometimes we quite literally go on a road trip and use our investigative journalism skills to get to the heart of the issues and potential. We look at things from every angle – your purpose, the challenges, the world in which you operate. We spend the time because understanding first is everything.

We show, not tell, you what we’ve found and know, and we can create experiences so you can understand and walk in the shoes of others.


We believe values matter, trust drives reputation and sustainability is driven by success.

People choose and trust organisations that profit well, employ well, buy well, behave well, give well and do good things for them and the people and places they care about.

We only work on projects where we can see the difference we can make with you.

Good capitalism and social purpose

The SK Way