The tools and techniques we use are designed to make the difference, to help you see, experience and connect meaningfully with your world and find those ‘A-ha! moments’.

We generate ‘A-ha! moments’ with…

Engagement and consultation

Taking your audiences with you at every stage.


Combining anthropology and film to see and learn what others do, how they live, their challenges and the opportunities.

Deliberative events

Building understanding and shared learning. Create a platform for debate, design and collective decision-making.

Citizen forums and summits

Bringing citizens together to debate, share and build best practice learning.

Investigative journalism

A unique approach to uncover the stories and issues – from an independent and fresh perspective.

The art of theatre

Bringing issues to life so that audiences can see and experience them first-hand.

Play with purpose

Finding new ideas and deeper insight.

Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Build on what works well to tackle issues and solve problems.

World cafés

Showing and sharing innovation and ideas, to inspire and build understanding and connection.

Place-based research

Focusing on the collective issues of a place, a community or region. Joining the dots to see the full picture.

Citizen juries

Putting citizens in control of decision-making.

Qualitative and quantitative research

In the community, offline and online. Our insight doesn’t sit on a shelf – it has purpose and should inspire you to act.


An unforgettable experience. A journey resulting in learning and a ‘personal story’ to share.

Visual storytelling

Using art to capture the thinking, ideas and stories. More shareable, accessible and powerful than any document.


Helping you design and test ideas and solutions together with the people that matter.

Design hot-housing

When you need to crack a problem or find the answer – ideas, systems, products and services. Design, testing and implementing.


Bringing together the wisdom of the crowd to find what works, develop new ideas and share knowledge.

Social ambassadors

Training and supporting citizens to become ambassadors, storytellers, ethnographers, researchers, film makers and investigators.

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