When the lights go out – who can you call? A question for everyone

Claire Cater, 3 October, 2015

When you’re faced with one of your greatest fears – who would you call, who would you know that you can call (no matter what time of day or night) and who do you know you could trust to be there for you?

If you got a call – who would you get out of a warm bed for and offer them help?

Ask yourself these questions and they will reveal a lot.

I write this as I sit with my ‘lights out’ quite literally (it’s 00.34). Yes I’ve done the trip switch (several times) and for minutes it worked and then ‘darkness’.

As it happens, I’m not a fan of the dark.

It’s late and most people will be in bed. So I had three choices

  1. Text and hope someone picks up my plight and offers help – did that.
  2. Call someone – I let it ring twice for two people and hung up embarrassed.
  3. Panic – something awful might happen, so I should run to a hotel. I couldn’t find room in the 4 I called and gave up.

The learning as I sit here is:

  1. Fear has no logic, yet it’s impact can be significant if we let it.
  2. Bravery and pride can be misplaced.
  3. When it’s dark and difficult – our instincts can’t always tell us who is there for us.


  1. Face your fears – make them small and apply logic if you can.
  2. Don’t be too proud to call – your loved ones and colleagues might be upset that you didn’t when you needed them – wouldn’t you be?
  3. Make sure those you would get out of bed for know it and then they might do the same.

A stiff upper lip can surely only lead to eventual paralysis. The learning is always – to connect.

Sleep well.