Design thinking for healthcare and technology

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Design thinking and engagement to co-produce strategies, products and services.

Take a holistic view of the world, engage the people who matter, bring clarity, add value and create impact.

Kinetic Results

Bring people together to innovate, collaborate and deliver solutions to critical social challenges in 100 days.

Unleash entrepreneurial energy and achieve remarkable results.

3D for human-centred change

Achieve shared vision and purpose, understand how ready you are for change and develop a collective plan with buy in.

Reduce risk and wasted time, improve quality, morale and commitment.


Insight, events and communications

Fuel your decision-making with insight that gets to the heart of the issues.

Inspire, influence, educate, build relationships and design answers to difficult issues through facilitated events (whether big or small) with purpose and a clear outcome. Communicate in ways that connect.

We are social capitalists who believe values matter, trust drives reputation and sustainability is driven by success.

Claire Cater, SK Founder & CEO

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Proud to partner with the Rapid Results Institute to deliver RRI’s 100 Day Challenges and help teams achieve unreasonable results

One of the few agencies selected to be on the Crown Commercial Service Framework to deliver:

  • Engagement and events
  • Consultation
  • Thoughtful and creative experiences to inspire and create change

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